Travel Busy Bags: How to make the best homemade kids activity pack!

Kids Travel Busy Bags How To

Ever gotten 15 minutes into your drive and realized your child was singing on a loop their new favorite song from class? Did you reach into their backpack to give them something else to do only to discover a handful of goldfish and spare clothes? iPad but no charger. I could keep going, but no need to give you bad dreams! Never again with this easy, homemade kids travel busy bag. It’s the best on the go solution with minimal replacement of items (aka you’re not spending oodles of money on the $1 section junk toys before a trip). Easy to use anywhere- the carseat, plane seat, or seat at the restaurant table. And these bags are easily adaptable for any age group. Below are the favorite picks from our pre-K daughter who is 4.

Step 1: Gather your basic supplies

Remember those old school pencil pouches with the three rings in them for binders? Having flash backs yet? Those! You’ll need between 4-6 depending on how many activities you’d like to make. Grab a rainbow of colors or if you’re making busy bags for more than one child, grab each child their own color so it’s easy to identify which bag set belongs to which child. Because the goal is to give them something to do, not something to fight about.

Next you’ll need three rings per set to keep them all together. I attempted this first with a carabiner clip because that’s what was handy and NO GO. You need the metal O rings that open up.

Travel Busy Bags

Step 2: Plan out each activity pouch

Now here is the fun part. Each pouch should be a self contained activity which will make for easy clean up and no hunting around for extra parts, lost crayons, etc. When picking activites, these are important considerations:

  • It doesn’t make noise.
  • It doesn’t require batteries or a charger/power source.
  • It isn’t a one time use activity (I made an exception for one pouch on this rule).
  • It doesn’t make a mess.
  • It doesn’t require help/other persons to play along.

Step 3: Assemble bags and be on your way

We made 5 bags with the following activities (click on each photo to shop the bag contents):

  1. Learn to Read Mini Stories
    Paw Patrol Phonics Box Set
  2. Crayons + Folded coloring book sheets
    Crayola Crayons + Color Sheets
  3. Lace Up Cards
    Kids Lacing Cards
  4. Lego Classic Set
    LEGO Classic Blue Creativity Box
  5. Etch A Sketch Mini + LittlePeople cars
    Fisher-Price Little People Wheelies All About Trucks

Have you made your own travel bags before? Tell us your fun activity ideas below!

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