Beach Side: Top 5 Amazon Finds for your Water Adventures

There is nothing worse than getting to the pool deck or finding the right spot on the beach and realizing you’ve forgotten your top essentials to survive the afternoon. Here is the list of my top 5 pool or seaside must haves.

#1: Sunscreen
This is a MUST have! No one wants to look like a lobster at the dinner table and everyone hates when you’re so burnt the sheets are uncomfortable. Make sure to check out Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen. No white streaks here and certainly no red spots. The entire family was able to use it and it was even safe to use with my silk water ring sling (for all my baby wearing mamas out there). Boasting stats like sweat and water resistant for 80 minutes, mineral-based, and dermatologist trusted for over 20 years, you can’t go wrong with a few bottles in your bag.

#2: Beach Mat
One thing we all forget is to grab an extra towel or blanket for the sand. Once that towel gets wet the last thing you want is it accumulating tiny particles that you’ll be finding for weeks in your bag. At the same time, who has the space to pack a giant blanket? Not me! Introducing my favorite, compact mat: The Monkey Mat. Look familiar? You may have seen them on Shark Tank and for good reason. This 5’x5′ water and sand repellant blanket is a traveler’s dream. Packed up it fits in the palm of your hand and it surely won’t blow away with it’s weighted corners and added stake loops.

#3: Water Bottle
Hydration, hydration, hydration! Carrying a water bottle with will let you grab water from anywhere. Being down with a sun headache or blowing your vacation with a trip to Urgent Care is no fun! Enter, the S’well bottle. With crazy tech features like double-walled construction, designed to keep beverages cold for 24 hours and being made from premium grade, BPA-free 18/8 stainless steel, this is a must have. Oh, and did I mention the endless color options?!

#4: Sand Toys
Let’s be real. If you’re going to try and be all day at the beach, you’ll need something for the kids to do. Top Race makes the perfect travel friendly, collapsable buckets. Not to mention they come in a pack of 3 so everyone can have their own.

#5: Sunglasses
Tears of sorrow over your Oakley glasses or designer Coach shades sinking to the bottom of the sea is not a part of the vacation plan. What is? Grabbing the most comfortable, affordable, fun colored glasses out there. Knockarounds are a fan favorite in our house, even with our 4 year old who adores her pink frames. These unisex frames will impress, no doubt.

Have a must have of your own you think should be on this list? Tell us in the comments section below!

3 thoughts on “Beach Side: Top 5 Amazon Finds for your Water Adventures

  1. That beach mat is on my wishlist! We always pack too many towels so that we can lay on some and don’t have to use sandy towels to dry off, but they take up so much room in our bag!!

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