Nestled in the coastline on the northern shores of Haiti is Labadee, Royal Caribbean’s private port in the Caribbean nation.  Boasting several eye popping attractions, Labadee is a fantastic port of call for any cruise vacation.  Let’s take a closer look at some of the attractions at Labadee.

Arriving at Port

Labadee is a docked destination for Royal Caribbean, so you will generally not need to tender into port.  Once you get off the ship, there is a bit of a walk into the main entrance to Labadee.  Inside the port, there is a shop that contains clothing and some water toys (snorkels, etc).  There is also a shore excursions desk to help you book some activities for the day if you haven’t already.  There is also a bar very near the entrance.  This is important if you have purchased a Drink Package as your drink package works on shore at Labadee. Past that, there is a main roadway that leads to the other areas of the port, including the main beaches and shore excursions at the port.

Barefoot Beach

Barefoot Beach is private beach exclusively for suite guests.  This beach truly lives up to it’s name with fine sand and plenty of shade, you truly can go barefoot.  Upon arrival, you are greeted by the beach attendants and escorted to chairs that fit your sun/shade preferences or your pre-booked cabana.  Cabanas do come with a premium price tag, so if all you are looking for is a beach chair and some shade, a cabana may not be necessary.  The bar is directly behind the chairs and lunch is served in Barefoot Beach as well.  If you do choose to be in the sun on the beach, remember that the UV rays are quite a bit stronger in the Caribbean than they are in most of the US.  We stayed safe with our Blue Lizard sunscreen from Amazon.

Dragon’s Breath Zip Line

Across the peninsula from Barefoot Beach, spanning the coast is the Dragon’s Breath Zip Line. Spanning over 2,600 feet and reaching speeds of 40-50 mph, you descend from a launch point over 500ft above the water and land on the beach.  This shore excursion is an extra fee.  Not ready to conquer the zip line yourself? You can watch other daredevils take the plunge from the comforts of the beach below.

This is an admittedly small sample of what is available in Labadee.  Think there is something more that needs to be included? Drop us a comment below!

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