Traveling with small Children: Our carseat that fits in a backpack.

Traveling with small children can be a true delight. From seeing their eyes light up when looking out the window of an airplane to the pure joy on their facees when their feet touch the ocean for the first time. But sometimes, it’s stressful. What will they eat, will they actually sleep in a bed that isn’t there own, and good gravy, what do we do about a car seat? Traditionally, most people buy the cheap red travel bags, you know the ones I mean, to “protect” their every day car seat and lug it along. Um, ever see a baggage attendant gracefully unload an airplane? Have you ever looked out the window and been thankful that wasn’t your luggage getting rained on? Think twice about bringing your home car seat along, especially if you’ve invested in top of the line seats. Alternately, you can always rent a car seat from a car rental location, but if you’ve taken one look at most of them, you’d cringe. The uncertainty is also unsettling as you have no real history about the carseat itself. Maybe it’s been in an accident. Maybe it’s expired. Maybe there are unseen stress cracks. This alone is enough to keep us all at home with Daniel Tiger and some apple juice.

This struggle ended for us when our daughter turned 3 years old and was 30 pounds meeting the specs for a new, innovative product called the RideSafer Travel Vest.¬†Amazing, this lightweight, portable vest is completely legal, crash tested, and hands down our favorite “travel must” when going somewhere with her. The design routes the seat belt to a comfortable and correct position across their body. Not only did it eliminate the need for a bulky item we needed to check or the need to borrow a seat with an unknown history but she loves wearing her “special vest”!

As of today, the RideSafer Travel Vest comes in two sizes, Small and Large, accommidating children as small as 3 years old, 30 lbs, and 34″ all the way to 8 years old, 80 lbs, and 57″ tall.

Want to learn more? Check out the RideSafer Travel Vest FAQ’s.

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Maddie age 3 using the RideSafer Travel Vest car seat alternative in an Uber in Boston, MA.

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